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We are just three months into the year and the Diamond Racing main line has recorded 79.8 points profit with a profit on turnover of over 65%.

Owners get this for free when they purchase a share in a racehorse which is enabling them to enjoy racehorse ownership for no cost whilst making a profit at the same time.

Steve Goodwin has been at the helm running this betting information line for 20 years and is now expecting a record year of profit in 2013.

“We have won every year for the past 20 years. As each year goes by our contacts and analysis improves. We use every conceivable angle to pinpoint horses that are overpriced which is why we beat the bookmakers every single year. It would be wrong to give our secrets away but what we can GUARANTEE is that we will win every year.”

So for owners betting just £100 per point they are up nearly £8,000 in the year to date. New owner Bob Washer recently posted on facebook “Thankyou to Diamond Racing for paying for my families holiday to Disney”.

“I get great excitement from turining our owners from losing punters into betting professionally and becoming winners. With only 0.5% of punters winning from the bookmakers we provide owners with the facility to be in that 0.5%.”


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