BEST MATE – Relation

The close relation to without question one of the greatest chasers of our generation:


When we say close relation we don’t mean through the third or fourth or dam, BEST MATE is the uncle of our filly ‘s dam/mother.

We should also mention, CORNISH REBEL & INCA TRAIL who themselves were TOP CLASS performers.

What we like about this pedigree apart from BEST MATE, CORNISH REBEL and INCA TRAIL is that the dam is young, she’s produced one runner to date that was twice placed in bumpers and a hurdle race. The other 2 offspring’s are now of national hunt racing age and are due to run this year.

Should any of our fillies brothers or sisters win a nice race, what will our filly be worth? Even before seeing a racecourse.

For a very modest one off fee you don’t have to worry about on going costs. Once the one and only payment is made there is nothing more to pay, EVER, while the horse is owned by ourselves.

This foal to racehorse syndicate will give owners a unique insight of how a horse progresses from foal to yearling, yearling to racehorse and finally to the racecourse. The aim of this syndicate is to experience every discipline in the national hunt field, starting off in bumpers moving onto hurdles and then chasing.

It is a wonderful pedigree and a chance to be involved with a close relation to one of the greatest chasers of our generation, maybe a lifetime.

A one off payment to cover her entire racing career while owned by ourselves, nothing more to pay!!

Sire: Telescope (IRE)


Dam: Precious Lady (GB)

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Foal To Racehorse Syndicate – BEST MATE


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Share Amount

£1,000.00 one off payment for a 1.5% share, nothing more to pay, t&c’s agreed, £1,500.00 one off payment for a 2.5% share, nothing more to pay, t&c’s agreed

  • Trainer To Be Confirmed
  • Syndicate Number: 145
  • Syndicate Start Date: 01/02/2018
  • Syndicate End Date: 31/05/2022