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We never forget that Diamond Racing could not possibly exist without the horses. It might sound like common sense, but part of the racing industry has earned itself a bad reputation. We never forget we are not racing formula one car’s and that each horse has its own individual character and needs. We make it our number one concern that each of our horses is treated with respect and care – even the odd rogue in the string! It is therefore not surprising we get the best out of our horses.

Our theory being if the horse is happy, healthy and fit, it is both mentally willing, and physically able to give its best!

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Pre training


The majority of Diamond Racings racehorse syndicates are purchased as yearlings at the Tattersall’s Sales in Ireland . The majority of horses purchased at this age are straight out of the field and in most cases have never been ridden. Therefore to give them the best possible chance of success it is imperative they are started correctly. To achieve this each horse visits our pre training yard to begin its education before being sent into training.

Due to the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the sales, followed by extensive traveling the horses usually arrive to the yard excited, so are given a period of time to settle in. Their education begins with being long reined which teaches the horse the basic commandments of go, stop turn left or turn right. They are then introduced to the rider. Once the horse is comfortable with being tacked up and mounted, has learnt to walk, trot and canter with a rider on, the horse is ready for phase two of pre training.

To avoid being vulnerable to injury it is important the horse has a basic level and fitness and muscle strength before going into training. Therefore the next six to eight weeks of pre training is spent accordingly, working on these areas.

Pre training is an intensive learning curve for a young horse. In a short space of time it will have had traveled for miles in a horsebox, had shoes put on its feet, have been jabbed by a vet and sat on by a rider! To secure the best possible chance of success it is important that this stage its life is handled with care and patience.

Once pre training has been completed correctly the horse will have developed his character and confidence and have a strong understanding of what is to be expected of him from the next stage of his career – training.



It is of vital importance to give each horse a break at various stages of its career. We take this opportunity to bring the horse back to our pre training yard for a general MOT further benefiting the horse from a complete change of scenery. During this time the horse is checked over by a vet, farrier, back specialist and dentist and is regularly turned out.


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